Member's Assistance Program (MAP)

The Pharmacy  Association of Saskatchewan recognizes that members may have personal problems that interfere with their professional performance or private lives. To address this need, PAS is pleased to sponsor the Members' Assistance Program (MAP). The Members' Assistance program is a VOLUNTARY CONFIDENTIAL PROGRAM for pharmacists in Saskatchewan.

Up to a maximum of $500 in counselling services per membership year is available to you and each of your immediate family members, including children attending university out of province. If you require services please contact Brenda Prystupa at the PAS office (306-359-7277) for payment approval.


The purpose of the program is to provide effective assistance to members and their families in need of assistance.


MAP is dedicated to the principle of confidentially assisting members and their families with personal problems that have the potential to adversely affect professional or personal performance, or the well-being of the family.

PAS sponsors MAP by engaging professional consultants around the province to provide assistance. Although PAS sponsors the Program, confidentiality will be preserved by your service provider.

PAS manages and promotes the program to the membership. PAS is NOT directly involved in individual case management, nor does it have knowledge of the identity of program participants.

MAP operates independently from SCP's Council's disciplinary responsibilities. It does not serve as a reporting facility in connection with disciplinary proceedings.

Program Objectives

  • To prevent deterioration of professional performance due to personal problems of members and their families.
  • To assist those whose professional performance has declined.
  • To promote and educate the membership of the benefits of MAP and early recognition and resolution of problems.
  • To encourage members and their immediate families to avail themselves of the assistance offered.
  • To provide assistance and support to members and their families by appropriate counselling and referral to other resources where necessary.
  • To ensure the program is accessible to all members.

Operating Guidelines

These guidelines provide for either self-referrals from members or their families. Examples of assistance provided include, but not limited to:

  • Crisis / trauma
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Addiction counselling
  • Marriage and family counselling
  • Vocational counselling
  • Stress management
  • Grief and anger
  • Conflict resolution
  • Youth and parenting
  • Financial counselling
  • Domestic mediation
  • Psychological assessment

PAS covers the cost of professional services to a maximum of $500 of counselling services per membership year. Other costs may be covered under justifiable circumstances. Coverage of costs is available if the person seeking assistance reasonably complies with the treatment program recommended by the consultant.