Tell Us Why You Think Your Pharmacist is Outstanding!

"My pharmacist goes above and beyond for the older adults in the community. She does education sessions both in store and at other venues. She exudes a positive outlook and interest in the overall health and wellness of her customers with special concern for seniors. She seems to reach beyond her regular roles with dealing with customers."


The PATIENTS'  CHOICE award gives the general public the opportunity to say "thank you" and to publicly recognize the outstanding care they have received. This award is presented to a pharmacist or a pharmacy who has been nominated by a patient or non-pharmacist colleague for going the extra mile to provide high quality care and a great patient experience. 

To nominate your pharmacist   NOMINATE ONLINE by clicking here  or print a  copy  of  the    Nomination Form  (8.5"x11") and submit by mail.


Some  examples of outstanding care by a pharmacist:

"My pharmacist knows my first name and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure my prescription is safe/correct (such as contacting my doctor right away to correct an error or change to a more suitable medication). He communicates clearly and actively listens to me and seems to really care about my questions and takes the time to research he doesn't know off-hand.”


"Getting the flu shot was really easy this year. Even though my children were extremely nervous to get the flu shot, my pharmacist made the process quick and easy! She joked with my children and provided distractions during the shot. She explained what was going on every step of the way. She spoke to them like people as opposed to speaking over them to me. Overall, my pharmacist made the process non-threatening and my children look forward to seeing her next time we are in."


"I feel like my pharmacist makes me top priority and as a senior, I feel well cared for. She knows my medical history well."



Patients' Choice Award Terms of Reference

1. The nominee must be nominated by a patient or a non-pharmacist colleague.

2. The nominee must be a member of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) and a member in good standing of the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals. 

3. Recipient selection will be made by members of the PAS Awards Selection Committee as they are received. 

4. There may be multiple Patients' Choice Award Recipients. 

5. The successful recipient will receive in the year the award is presented: 

 • letter of congratulations and Certificate of Recognition from PAS

 • acknowledgment on various PAS platforms (i.e. website, Facebook, newsletter etc.)

 • verbal recognition at the PAS Awards Banquet (during the annual conference of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan) written recognition in PAS Awards Brochure   

6. If there are no qualified candidates nominated in a given year, the award will not be granted. 

7. The nominee cannot previously have received this award in the last 3 years. 

8. Nominations are only valid for award consideration in the current year.