Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance

A complaint or disciplinary action can be a scary time for pharmacy professionals in their career. In addition to the stress of the situation, pharmacy professionals may not fully understand their malpractice policies or how to access them. The following is an interpretation of the policy and benefits that pharmacy professionals have access through their malpractice insurance, along with a description of legal terms and processes.

What You Are About to Read

This is an interpretation and not a substitute for the Malpractice Insurance policy document created by Wynward Insurance Group. It does not detail the insurance policies’ limitations and conditions. This document also references and interprets legislation including but not limited to that which is applicable to registered Saskatchewan pharmacists through the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals (SCPP).

*Please note: provincial pharmacy legislation supersedes all information contained in this document. Pharmacy professionals are encouraged to review their malpractice coverage, policy options, and provincial legislation.

Features of Your Malpractice Insurance

1) $2,000,000 coverage per occurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate for compensatory damages with no deductible.

This means each basic policy member pharmacists are entitled to $2,000,000 coverage if found guilty of a malpractice infraction. They are not required to pay any portion of the damages up to $2,000,000.

2) Supplemental coverage up to $5,000,000.

Pharmacy professionals can purchase additional malpractice coverage every year.  For $50 per million, pharmacy professionals can have additional liability coverage up to $5,000,000 for compensatory damages with no deductible. Pharmacy professionals must purchase this directly through the broker, Erin at

What is an Occurrence Policy?

This means if the insurance was in place at the time the incident or “occurrence”, it is the subject of the professional liability claim. So, as long as the Insured had a current and valid policy at the time of the incident, coverage will be retroactive whether or not the policy is active today. 

Please note: A “Claims Made Policy” means that the malpractice insurance policy responds if it is in place at the time in which a claim for damages or other relief is made. In Saskatchewan pharmacy professionals who carry a claims made policy are required to purchase a minimum of 2 years of claims made insurance after they cease to practice.

3) Coverage is not restricted to only workplace errors or omissions.

With a valid /current policy, the Insured is protected in malpractice claims where professional pharmaceutical services may have been given in a non-traditional setting, for example, advice that is given in a social setting or outside of practice hours. Insured pharmacy professionals providing professional pharmaceutical services are covered anywhere in Canada.
Please note: Wynward Insurance Group can at any time, cancel a policy with 10 days’ notice.

4) Access to a $50,000 Legal defense costs endorsement.

Wynward Insurance Group agrees to defend, at its cost and subject to limitations, the Insured in any disciplinary proceeding. The cost can include legal fees related to disciplinary proceeding costs, a complaint or investigation or preliminary investigation, volunteer practice and pharmacy student supervision of the Insured before the applicable provincial College of Pharmacy Professionals.

Wynward Insurance Group reserves the right to appoint counsel of its choice to defend the Insured in any claim. Wynward Insurance Group will not be liable for any fines, penalties or costs levied against the insured by the applicable College of Pharmacists or be liable to defend the insured in any disciplinary proceeding in which it is alleged that the Insured committed or attempted to commit, directly or as a party, a fraudulent or criminal act.

Name Change and Malpractice Insurance

If you have changed your name PAS requires legal documentation (eg. Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree) to legally change your malpractice insurance policy. Please fax (306 352-6770) or email copies of this documentation.

Malpractice Insurance Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your malpractice insurance please complete the malpractice insurance cancellation form below and submit by and fax (306) 352-6770 or  email.

Note:  Refer to your PAS Membership Profile for your Policy Number – i.e. SKP0000

For more information about malpractice insurance contact:

The PAS office
By phone at (306) 359-7277 or by email at