Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews

The Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program (SMAP) gives you a chance to meet directly with your pharmacist to review all the medications you take and make sure you are getting the most from them.


If adherence to prescribed medications or understanding their appropriateness bring challenges to your life that you’d like to do without, ask your pharmacist about a medication assessment!

The document below has been developped to help determine if you would benefit from a medication assessment.  If you answer yes to more than three of the questions listed, you may be a good candidate.

If you are:

– 65 or older

– taking 5 or more long-term medications


– taking warfarin or other medication commonly referred to as blood thinners


– taking a Beers List medication 

– experiencing side effects from your medication

you may be eligible.

For example, if you’ve just been discharged from the hospital with a list of prescriptions to fill or need help learning how to administer insulin injections, your community pharmacist may recommend the service to help you better understand your medications.

Start the conversation with your pharmacist

Although any member of your health care team (physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, etc.) may suggest a medication assessment, a doctor’s referral is not required.    

  • Bring any medications that you are taking, including:
  • prescriptions
  • over-the-counter medications
  • vitamins
  • natural health products

    Your pharmacist will consider each of your medications and discuss with you how you can achieve the best health outcomes.

  • This one-on-one assessment is to help you better understand your medications. In turn, you will be more confident in making better decisions about your health. Understanding your medications is an important key to making informed decisions about your health.

    This assessment may identify issues and provide solutions, recommendations and improvements for:

    • interaction between your medications
    • dosage adjustments or changes
    • the way you take your medications

    Your pharmacist will discuss your medications with you – from what you are taking, why you are taking them, to the best way to take them, all in an effort to help you get the best result from your medications.

    Your pharmacist is happy to provide counselling to you about your medications. If you have a specific question or concern about your medications, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist!

    If your senior relative(s) is interested in better understanding his/her medications, s/he may be eligible. Obtain his/her full consent before arranging an appointment with a pharmacist.

    This program is funded by the Ministry of Health for beneficiaries of the Saskatchewan Drug Plan. Government coverage may be available to you. Ask your pharmacist!