Membership Application

PAS Membership Renewal Opens May 1st, 2024

The PAS membership year is July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025.

NEW GRADUATE Pharmacists

New graduate pharmacists receive a discount on Full and Joint PAS / CSHP Memberships. Contact our office to receive a discount code prior to applying. Both Full and Joint PAS / CSHP Memberships are only $200 (plus the cost of malpractice insurance) for new graduates with the use of a discount code.

Malpractice Insurance Application Forms

If you are needing malpractice insurance as part of your membership with PAS please fill out and upload a malpractice insurance application form found below.

There will be an opportunity to upload your application form as part of the membership application process below.

NEW - Automatic Membership and Malpractice Insurance Renewals

If you pay for your membership using a credit card you will be automatically enrolled in auto renewal for future membership years. Auto renewals will be processed on May 25th of subsequent years. If you purchase malpractice insurance as part of your membership it will also automatically renew on May 25th of subsequent years.

If you do not want your membership to automatically renew, please notify our office by sending us an email to after you have completed your application.

New – Pharmacy Technician Application

In 2024 the Pharmacy Technician Membership fee will be discounted to $100 from the regular rate of $150.  After 2024 fees will be $150. 

Membership Application

Membership Categories

FULL and JOINT Membership

For those seeking a full PAS membership or a joint PAS/CSHP membership.

STUDENT Membership

For students currently enrolled in a Canadian college or university. The membership year for students runs from September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024. This category also does not automatically renew each year.

AFFILIATE Membership

For pharmacists who are not currently practicing in Saskatchewan, or for non-pharmacists interested in the affairs of PAS.

RETIRED Membership

For pharmacists who have ceased practicing pharmacy.


For pharmacy technicians seeking a full PAS membership.