PAS Committees

PAS Committees

Internal Committees of the Board (assist in effectively managing Board business)

Governance Committee

Objective: To assist the Board in maintaining good governance policies, including Board and committee terms of reference; Board Code of Conduct; orientation and succession planning.

  • Jahnaya Mann (Chair)
  • Paraag Trivedi
  • Lindsey Ziegler
  • Monique Zwack
  • Melanie Cann

Audit, Finance, and Risk Committee

Objective: To assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary duties in managing the finances of the Association by carrying out scrutiny of financial documents and planning.

  • Monique Zwack
  • Christine Hrudka
  • Jahnaya Mann
  • Spiro Kolitsas
  • Melanie Cann

Compensation Committee

Objective: To establish and monitor performance expectations for the Chief Executive Officer and determine appropriate compensation.

  • Monique Zwack (Chair)
  • George Furneaux
  • Christine Hrudka
  • Robyn Despins
  • Paraag Trivedi

Advocacy Committee

Objective: To provide input and guidance to the PAS Board, CEO, and Staff regarding advocacy priorities for pharmacy in Saskatchewan, focusing on elevating and advancing the profession of pharmacy.

  • Jahnaya Mann
  • Christine Hrudka
  • Grant Hladun
  • Virginia Wilkinson
  • Joel Peterson
  • Monique Zwack

Policy Committees of the Board (address matters impacting the practice of the profession of pharmacy within Saskatchewan)

Economic Committee

Objective: To negotiate all pharmacy contracts on behalf of the membership.

  • George Furneaux (Chair)
  • Lindsay Mildenberger
  • Stan Chow
  • Grant Hladun
  • Andrew James
  • Karen Sullivan
  • Warren Delmage
  • Kurtis Chupa

Professional Practice Committee

Objective: To act as an advisory committee to the Board on subjects affecting professional practice.

  • Lindsay Zeigler (Chair)
  • Jenna Anderson
  • Lori Alberts
  • Geoff Barton
  • Jeff Grant
  • Janet Hoda
  • Jahnaya Mann
  • Tenille Gering
  •  Melanie Cann (temporary)

Operational Committees (work  with the Executive Director on operational issues impacting the functions of the Association)

Conference Committee

Objective: To plan and organize the PAS annual conference in conjunction with PAS office staff.

  • Robyn Despins (Chair)
  • Mary Fraser – CPDPP Representative
  • Emily Galey – PAS Senior Stick-Elect
  • Jordan Kalesnikoff-CSHP Rep
  • Nancy McBean
  • Maria Sherring
  • Marshall Salloum
  • Paige Fehr
  • Sanket Patel

Awards Committee

Objective: To review PAS awards on an ongoing basis. To receive and review nominations and select recipients for the various awards to be presented at the annual conference.

  • Lindsey Ziegler (Chair)
  • Jodie Simes
  • Julia Bareham