PAS Staff

PAS Staff

Michael Fougere

Chief Executive Officer

As PAS’s CEO, Michael is responsible for the successful leadership and management of PAS according to the strategic direction set by the PAS Board of Directors. His primary duties include: leadership and collaboration; advocacy and negotiation strategy; operational planning and management; program planning and management; human resource planning; financial management and reporting; and risk identification and management for the Association. Michael works closely with other PAS staff to implement all elements of the PAS Strategic Plan and ensures the PAS team has the resources it needs to work hard on behalf of PAS members, stakeholders, and the health system.

Kristoffer Berg

Director Of Professional Practice

As PAS’s Director of Professional Practice, Kris works to help support and implement PAS’s strategic plan based on the front-line pharmacist perspective. The individual’s primary daily activities center around collaborating with the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals, government and other provincial and national stakeholders. He works to address topics on professional practice and professional service education to pharmacists and students and supports the development of public education campaigns and provides content for PAS communications. He is available to answer PAS member’s questions or inquiries about any professional practice need or issue. The Director of Professional Practice maintains his pharmacy license.

Pamela Read

Executive Coordinator, Member Services

As PAS’s Executive Coordinator Responsible for Member Services, Pamela is responsible for membership support, including membership inquiries and renewals, members benefits, and the Member’s Assistance Program. Pamela manages PAS’ reception. She is the first point of contact for members reaching out to PAS via phone or e-mail.Pamela also manages the PAS membership database and is responsible for PAS’ accounting and financial services.

Vlada Tsybulko

Executive Coordinator, Administrative Services

As PAS’s Executive Coordinator Responsible for Administrative Services. She provides administrative support to the CEO and the PAS Board and coordinates the PAS annual conference. Vlada also helps to support regular updates to the PAS membership database.

Virginia Wilkinson

Communications Consultant

Virginia provides strategic communications. media relations, and content development support to the PAS executive team. She is involved in the development of PAS’ corporate communications strategy in support of the organization’s advocacy work, and its relationships with members and partners. She also leads the development of tools, tactics and resources which enable and support PAS communications with member pharmacists, pharmacy business leads, and partner agencies.