PAS Welcomes Pharmacy Technician Members!

PAS Welcomes Pharmacy Technicians!

As of May 1, 2024, Pharmacy Technicians are invited to become members of the Pharmacy Association. By becoming members of PAS, Pharmacy Technicians will join more than 1600 of their pharmacy profession colleagues!

Becoming a member of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan offers many great benefits. 

We offer our members:

  • free webinars, many with CEU credits,
  • weekly new practitioner resources and updates,
  • discounts on annual PAS conference fees,
  • opportunities to raise concerns about issues impacting pharmacy technicians to decision makers,
  • opportunities to participate in the development of best practices,
  • opportunities to sit on committees and the PAS Board of Directors,
  • networking with others in the pharmacy sector from across the province,
  • access to timely information through regular e-blasts, newsletters, and a PAS member pharmacy Facebook, and
  • access to all PAS member benefits which include several travel and lifestyle benefits (Goodlife Fitness, the Canadian Pharmacist Travel Affinity Program, Telus Mobility, Dell Computers, the Meridan One Benefit Program, and the American Pharmacists Association).
  • ongoing advocacy with decision-makers to ensure the role of pharmacy practitioners in the Saskatchewan health sector, is kept top of mind.

PAS members have access to a Member Assistance Program which offers support to members and their families.

They also have access to the necessary malpractice insurance required by the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals, with discounted rates and nation-wide coverage of professional malpractice insurance.

PAS maintains a library of critical resources on federal and provincial services and information that is available to our members.

We provide our members and the profession with important advocacy services, which directly benefits fees in the pharmacy sector, and scope of practice for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and we facilitate communication between members, government, and the profession.

We provide our members with an active and engaged pharmacy community. It’s a community of professionals that stretches across the province, and it ensures that our members have a network of resources available at their fingertips to reach out to, ask questions of and seek support from, when they need it.

Why should Pharmacy Technicians join PAS?  Because a membership in PAS makes a difference!

Come join us and discover the benefits of a strong, supportive pharmacy community … through PAS! 

To join PAS visit the PAS website between May 1 and June 30 at