Expanding Access to Health Care

Pharmacists Expanding Access to Health Care in Saskatchewan

Did you know that pharmacists can deliver a range of services beyond medication dispensing?

Pharmacists are key members of health care teams in a broad range of settings across Saskatchewan, including community pharmacies, hospitals and primary care clinics. Your pharmacist is a medication expert, but they can also help with many other health-related areas. 

Did you know your pharmacist can help you manage your blood pressure and medications? They can also help you help you manage chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension. 

The role of pharmacists is growing across Saskatchewan to meet the needs of patients. From supporting their communities through the pandemic to helping patients navigate care, managing ongoing drug shortages and everything in between, pharmacy professionals are a critical force in Saskatchewan health care. 

With more than 400 pharmacies in over 100 communities across Saskatchewan, pharmacists are helping to expand patient access to health care services in the province. Pharmacy teams are improving access for patients and reducing strain on our health care system.