How COVID-19 Changes Access to Your Pharmacist & Pharmacies

With over 400 community pharmacies in the province, pharmacists are one of the many front line providers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to ensure you have the most up to date information around accessing your pharmacists and pharmacies, we've create this web page to help guide you through the public health crisis.

Pharmacists and Pharmacies have made many changes in the last couple of weeks during COVID-19. There are several things to remember before you visit your pharmacists.

Please Remember

1) Keep yourself safe and healthy so that your pharmacy team can stay healthy and continue to provide healthcare to Saskatchewan residents

2) If you are sick, or caring for someone who is sick, do not go to your pharmacy.

3) Call your pharmacy for a phone or virtual consultation. 

4) Call ahead 24-48 hours if you need a refill.

5) Ask your pharmacy if they offer delivery or curbside pick up (for yourself or caregivers).

6) Avoid in person visits to your pharmacy if you can.

7) Ask your physician or other healthcare provider to send an electronic prescription to your pharmacy.

Some Changes You May See in Your Pharmacy

Pharmacies have taken the following steps to ensure the safety of the public, pharmacy staff and drug supply. 

Some pharmacies are closed to the public but still providing services.

Your pharmacy may have plastic or plexi-glass now in place at the counter.
Markings or directions to follow while you are in the pharmacy.
Your pharmacy staff will be wearing a mask, gloves or other protective gear when they interact with you.

Q & A's

       1) Why do I only get a 30 day supply for my prescriptions during COVID-19?               
       Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation.


        The Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Health has an FAQ   answering Saskatchewan resident's concerns around their prescriptions.

               2) How can I protect myself and others from COVID-19?


      3) When Should I Seek Help?


      As well, it is recommended that patients use the Self-Assessment Tool  created by the Government of Saskatchewan to see their symptoms and risk.

                4) How Can I Manage Mild Symptoms?


         As well, please contact the 811 Healthline for further advice or call your             preferred health care provider to find out treatment for mild symptoms.


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