PAS Awards

The Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan is proud to celebrate exceptional service in our province, recognizing member pharmacists and others providing exemplary care to their patients and/or outstanding service in the profession. Every year PAS asks members to nominate peers who qualify for these awards.

Due to the circumstances this year related to COVID-19 the 2019-20 awards were not issued. As such, any 2020 nominations received will be incorporated into the 2020-21 PAS Awards process.

PAS 2020-21 Awards Online Nominations - Open Now 

♦ PAS Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented annually to a pharmacist who has demonstrated leadership and advancement of the profession of pharmacy through: • An outstanding contribution to the profession and/or an achievement which enhanced the pharmacy profession in the province of Saskatchewan, and • Long term service in the pharmacy profession in the province of Saskatchewan with a distinguished record, and • Service to pharmacy via active participation in professional pharmacy organizations

♦ PAS Pharmacist of the Year Award

Presented in recognition of a pharmacist who performs outstanding service and patient care within the profession of pharmacy. The nominee must have directly contributed to patient care 

♦ PAS New Horizon Award

Recognizes a pharmacist who has convocated in the past 5 years and has demonstrated impact and commitment to the pharmacy profession. The objective of this award is to encourage an interest in PAS Board activities, introduce the award recipient to his/her colleagues and provide an opportunity to attend the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) annual conference. 

♦ PAS Professional Services Award

Presented to a community pharmacy that demonstrates leadership in implementing, promoting and providing professional pharmacy services to patients within the pharmacy or in the community. The service provided would be a pharmacy professional service offered at no charge to patients or paid by the provincial government, a third party insurer, an employer or cash payment by the patient. 

♦ PAS Award of Merit

Recognizes pharmacists, individuals or organizations, who through their active participation have promoted the profession of pharmacy in Saskatchewan. Any individual or organization may be nominated for the PAS Award of Merit. The nominee does not have to be a pharmacist.

♦ Bowl of Hygeia

Presented annually to a pharmacist to recognize outstanding service to the community.

♦ Patients' Choice Award (printable materials for pharmacies)

Gives the general public the opportunity to say 'thank you' and to publicly recognize the outstanding care they have received. This award is presented to a pharmacist or pharmacy who has been nominated by a patient or non-pharmacist colleague for going the extra mile to provide high quality care and a great patient experience. The pharmacist or pharmacy must be a nominated by a patient or a non-pharmacist colleague.