Pharmacist Awareness Month

Every March Pharmacist Awareness Month takes place in Saskatchewan and across Canada. During this month, the over 1900 pharmacists in the province want the public to know about the increasing number of clinical services they can provide to improve patient care. As one of the most trusted professionals in Canada, pharmacists provide care where and when you need it, in hospital and community settings.

Pharmacists are able to prescribe medications, prescribe birth control, provide a one-on-one review of your medications, work with you to improve health conditions and chronic diseases, counsel on tobacco cessation and have the ability to administer medications by injection. Pharmacist Awareness Month allows a showcase of these and other services so that patients know their options when it comes to health care.

There are more reasons than ever to visit your #pharmacist. Learn about how your pharmacist can help you at  

Patient Tips

1. Try to use the same pharmacy for all of your prescriptions so your health file is always up-to-date.

2. Your pharmacist is an expert on medication but can also help with many other health-related topics. Just ask them!

3. Talk to your pharmacist about everything you take. Even over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and natural health products matter.

4. Don't throw old or unused medications in the garbage or down the toilet! Your pharmacy will take it back and dispose of it safely.

5. Your pharmacist can help with lots of health conditions such as chronic conditions, help you quit smoking, vaccinations, and prescriptions for minor ailments. 

What goes on behind the counter?


While you wait for your medication there is a lot going on behind the scenes. While you might not see everything we do behind the counter, be assured that we are helping Canadians get the most out of their medications.