Change is inevitable. The last few months have presented unbelievable change and challenge to pharmacy professionals, and we have watched our profession handle every moment with grace, tenacity, adaptability and courage. With our 2020 PAS Conference being cancelled due to COVID-19, we saw an opportunity to respond in the same way that has been exemplified by all of you.So we are pleased to announce the PAS Virtual Conference Series. Choose to be actively involved in a collaborative vision for 2020 and beyond together; to use change as an opportunity for impact, thought leadership, connection and engagement. Join us for a new conference experience that will provide virtual education, networking and support as we move through this time together towards a bright and strong future for pharmacy in Saskatchewan. 

2020 Virtual Presentation and Recordings
* Presentations below are accredited for 1 CEU.
* Webinar attendees will be emailed a Learning Project Record after attending the webinar.
* Presentation recordings will be posted on the PAS website. 

Upcoming  2020 Virtual Conference Series Presentations

Thursday, July 23, 7:30 pm - medSask PhAQs 

In this presentation, Kelly Kizlyk from medSask will present a selection of Frequently Asked Questions answered by the medSask team.   The questions will include highlights from recent practice change, timely health topics, and clinical pearls. 

Kelly Kizlyk, BSP

Kelly Kizlyk is a Medication Information Consultant with medSask at the University of Saskatchewan. Kelly completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan in 2002. She started her career with Shoppers Drug Mart as a community pharmacist, and then transitioned to work as a hospital pharmacist in the former Saskatoon Health Region. She joined the University of Saskatchewan in 2017. When she isn’t saving the pharmacy world from unanswered questions, Kelly enjoys playing Barbie and Lego with her young children. 

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Recordings  2020 Virtual Presentations

Ketamine for Major Depression: Old Drug, New Use, and Unanswered Questions - RECORDING
By Dr. Katelyn Halpape, BSP, ACPR, PharmD, BCP

This session will summarize the use of ketamine for the treatment of depression and acute suicidality. This session will provide an overview of the pharmacology, mechanism of action, evidence, place in therapy, and adverse effects of ketamine for depression. Information will be provided on the availability of ketamine for treatment of depression in Canada, including local Saskatchewan-specific information
Learning Project Record (Recorded) - Ketamine for Major Depression: Old Drug, New Use, and Unanswered Questions

The WE in Wellness: Staying Well During a Pandemic - RECORDING
Dr. Anita Chakravarti M.D.

Worried? Stressed? Overwhelmed? The relationship of healthcare provider wellness, workplace environment and culture to patient wellbeing, care and safety is a crucial component of healthcare systems. This session will discuss normal emotional experiences of healthcare workers during a pandemic, identify available resources if we need to reach out for help, and provide practical strategies to enhance our ability to cope during this time.

Learning Project Record (Recorded) - The WE in WEllness: Staying Well During a Pandemic 

Disconnected: It’s Time to Talk Digital Determinants of Health - RECORDING
Tracie Risling RN, PhD
Our world has gone digital and technology continues to expand into more places and processes at a rapid pace, including in healthcare. The digital health evolution is often promoted a way to address long-standing challenges of access and equity in care, and some amazing advances have been made. However, this technological transformation has also created a ‘digital divide’ for many patients who, for a variety of different reasons, are not able to take advantage of these new services. The escalation of this change may in fact be creating more than divide, given the pervasiveness of technology in this world it may be time for us to examine digital determinants of health.

Learning Project Recorded - Disconnected: It's Time to Talk Digital Determinants of Health