What is PACT?

PACT is the Partnership to Assist in the Cessation of Tobacco. The program was initially a partnership between the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan and Health Saskatchewan. The PACT Program was created to build the capacity for health care professionals to provide smoking cessation services and as a part of Saskatchewan’s strategy for tobacco use reduction in the province. PAS now delivers this online training program through Continuing Profess Development of Pharmacy Professionals (CPDPP). Any resources or information on the PACT program is found on the PAS website.

Why Should I Take PACT?

Pharmacists who wish to bill  DPEBB for any PACT services Bronze Plus and up must be PACT certified.

What's New with PACT?

Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Update Until December 31, 2020, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) has funding from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) to cover approximately 12 weeks of quitting smoking aids (i.e. Champix, combo NRTs, and/or Zyban) for cancer patients. Community pharmacies must manually bill SCA for their cancer patients' quitting smoking aids by faxing the official prescription receipts in monthly intervals to Lana Dean, Oncology Pharmacist and CPAC Tobacco Cessation Project Lead at 1-306-766-2066. For more information and questions, please call Lana at 1-306-766-2816. To support SCA's data collection for this project which will be used to advocate for coverage of quitting smoking aids from the SK Formulary in the near future, please fax the de-identified research survey to Lana 3 months after meeting with the patient for tobacco cessation support to 1-306-766-2066. FAX from SCA to Community Pharmacies.

NOTE: Patients are unable to submit their smoking cessation aid receipts to SCA as the manual bill must come directly from the pharmacy.

De-Identified Data Survey
Fax to Community Pharmacies from the SCA

All PAS members have access to PACT resources, materials, and information. Patient and promotional information is available to anyone online; however, if non-PAS Members wish to  access to additional resources, please contact michelle.james@skpharmacists.ca.  

What does this mean if I am a health care provider or a non-Saskatchewan pharmacist?

The program changes impact health care providers and non-Saskatchewan pharmacists in two ways. There  is now a fee of $100 for those who wish to take the PACT 1 & 2 program. Secondly, if you have taken the program before and still have your PACT certification, then it is still valid as the older  training has  no expiry date. Those who are PACT certified and who have questions on their PACT information should contact michelle.james@skpharmacists.ca.

What does this mean for the old PACT website, online modules and library?

The updates to the program mean PAS is transitioning away from the old website and online modules. As the modules are updated, they will be removed from the old site. PAS is updating and has moved the resources to the PAS site, where it is available to all PAS members. Once the resources and modules have been removed, the old website will be shut down and you will be redirected to the PAS website. If you have questions please contact    michelle.james@skpharmacists.ca.  Unfortunately, PAS will no longer be able to resend certifications from the old PACT modules.