Tips for proper disposal

Tips for proper disposal of medication

Many of our province’s community pharmacies will allow you to return pharmaceuticals for safe disposal.


Any of the following items that are unused, expired, in questionable condition, or missing labels

  • All Prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter medications, oral dosage
  • Natural health products, oral dosage

Not accepted

Please check with your pharmacist or household hazardous waste events for other products

  • Sharps, needles or syringes
  • Cosmetics
  • Empty pill bottles

Household trash

If your medication does not have any specific disposal instructions and there are no available take-back community pharmacy near you, you can dispose of them in your household trash:

  • Do not flush down the toilet.
  • Remove or scratch off any personal information on the label.
  • Do not crush tablets or capsules, instead mix your medications with an undesirable substance such as coffee grounds or cat litter. Place this mixture in a plastic, sealable bag or container.