Nov 16, 2019 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM - CPDPP Presents Guideline & Implementation Training for Vaccine Preventable Disease & Low-Risk Travel Health in Saskatchewan

CPDPP training for Vaccine Preventable Disease Immunization will give pharmacists:

  • the knowledge of how to integrate this expanded service by pharmacists into the Saskatchewan public health system, which is operationally complex
  • insight in how to appropriately use the more intricate medSask guidelines when assessing, making recommendations, and prescribing for patients
  • an opportunity to review cases, explain the mandatory documentation, and discuss notification and referral process

 CPDPP training for Travel Health will give pharmacists:

  • the above Vaccine Preventable Disease Immunization Training PLUS
  • insight in how to determine if a patient is a low-risk patient or traveling to a low-risk destination
  • an understanding of how to do a pre-travel assessment and use the medSask guidelines in conjunction with subscription travel health references for low-risk Travel Health
  • the knowledge that Travel Health is SO MUCH more than just a vaccination or medication
  • an opportunity to review a case and mandatory documentation with Certified Travel Health pharmacists
  • insight in how to implement Travel Health services into your pharmacy
See brochure and CPDPP website  for more information on how to register