May 19, 2020 2:17 PM - May 20, 2020 2:17 PM - Disconnected: Time to Talk Digital Determinants of Health -2020 Virtual Conference Series

Tuesday, May 19th • 7:30 pm  

Disconnected: It’s Time to Talk Digital Determinants of Health (1CEU)
Tracie Risling RN, PhD
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Our world has gone digital and technology continues to expand into more places and processes at a rapid pace, including in healthcare. The digital health evolution is often promoted a way to address long-standing challenges of access and equity in care, and some amazing advances have been made. However, this technological transformation has also created a ‘digital divide’ for many patients who, for a variety of different reasons, are not able to take advantage of these new services. The escalation of this change may in fact be creating more than divide, given the pervasiveness of technology in this world it may be time for us to examine digital determinants of health.

Tracie Risling
 RN, PhD is an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan and the President-Elect of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association. Her patient-oriented program of health informatics research includes study on AI, social media, co-design, and patient access and use of electronic health records. Dr Risling's most recent work includes an examination of digital determinants of health and intervention design with several diverse patient groups exploring potential barriers to their full participation in a digital health future