Pharmacy Appreciation Month

Pharmacy Appreciation - Member Thank You Wall

Do you know a colleague to who you want to thank or send a thank you? Let us know! As a part of our celebration of Pharmacy Appreciation Month, we are asking PAS members to get involved! Email us a thank you, kudos or high-five a colleague and we will post on our online thank you wall. This is an opportunity for you to share your appreciation of your pharmacy colleagues.

Join us in celebrating our dedicated pharmacy professional members.  Click the links below to download posters or social media posts..

Your accessible health care provider – poster

Your accessible health care provider – Facebook post

Your accessible health care provider – Instagram post

Thank you!

Appreciation Cards

Do you have a pharmacy colleague you want to thank? Send in your thank you to and tell us who and why you are thanking them and we will post them below!

From your colleague Kimberly Gabriel